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World AIDS Day.

Today is World AIDS Day.


However, to have a single day devoted to one of the greatest tragedies this planet has seen is merely not enough. I am an AIDS activists, so this day to me is merely a grim reminder of how little our world cares about HIV and AIDS. This entire week I spent organizing events and going to conferences on HIV/AIDS and yes it becomes tedious and tiring work, but for me it has always been one of those issues that we can't choose to ignore. On Thursday we held a "Hugs for AIDS day" the concept being that free Hugs were given out while we wore shirts that read "HIV positive," thus, the goal being to eliminate stigma and discrimination from HIV/AIDS. It's amazing to see how many people actually think you can contract HIV/AIDS from hugging, kissing and just plain touching. For the educated individual, this is just merely ridiculous.

I won't bore you with my rant on something I am so passion about, but I want everyone today to sit back and think about an issue (not necessarily HIV/AIDS) that needs addressing. It could be human rights, the environment, anything that needs attention. Think about what you can do. Because we can all do something, whether small or big, well that's up to you.

Some facts about HIV/AIDS:

In Canada Approximately 54, 000 people are living with HIV/AIDS

In Sub-Saharan Africa alone there is approximately 22.5 million people living with HIV AIDS

HIV stands for - Human immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS stands for - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

You CANNOT get HIV/AIDS from:
- Kissing
-Mosquito bites
-Sharing cups/drinks/food

You CAN get HIV/AIDS from:
- Sharing needles
-Unprotected Anal, Vaginal and Oral Sex
- Sharing crack pipes

The list goes on but I thought I would provide some quick facts.
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